“steering innovations”: to steer innovations and to decide every intention regarding the aspect ‘innovative’, that’s what we like to do together with you.

Just step through our site. If there are any suggestions, questions or request for information - please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Everybody bearing responsibility in a company knows that increasing productivity is the key to a longterm successful story. Being ahead of the competition and making profit is ensured.

Increasing productivity is realized by innovations. You have to invest in innovations. Investing in controllable enterprises and controlling investments is our support to you:
“steering innovations”.

You being successful is our liability and philosophy. Only then we will be successful, too.

You may participate on our know-how and procedures which we got in many projects in the environment of machinery tools and mold & die industries.

In those projects we proved that making senseful innovations will increase productivity first, then the output and the profit.
By the way - the profit was never increased by dismissing employees. Always we reduced costs per piece by optimizing the workflow.

Enhance your business by receiving from föllmer systems:

We are specialists in our business. Anyway, details we cannot fulfill by ourselves are fulfilled - transparent to you - by our partners.
Here are links to some of our network partners and our environment.


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