• Is there any special but repeated job you or your colleagues have to do?
  • Is there any gathering and treating of data to get a better overview upon your workflow or present situation?
  • Do you wish to translate some data to graphics, which can be easily understood to make decisions quicker and more reliable?

 Enhance your productivity by saving a lot of time through software support.

Save your money and collaborate with föllmer systems to analyse your requirements, see possible ways and decide the solution.
You will see intermediate results upon agreed milestones. Modifications are built in on request.

The overall result will satisfy your wishes
The application will run on all agreed platforms.

Do you want a machine control not only controlling but reacting on events in real time? We will present solutions.

Default wise we are developing software using the latest version of Borland’s Delphi(tm) RAD (rapid application development) software tool.

  • Do you want your customers watching your website on the internet?

According to your wishes we will design your internet appearance.

On request we can do the total job of publication.

Default wise we are designing websites using the latest version of NetObjects Fusion or Microsoft Frontpage.


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